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version 1.0 - May 25, 2021


The tyranny of oppression influences our decisions, reshapes our experiences, kills our loved ones, and transforms our DNA. Specific technologies played a crucial role in accelerating the spread of oppressive acts and evolving genocide. We generate excuses to disregard the humanity of others and build technology to automate the same disregard. While fear born from lies persists in our society's laws, innovations born from empathy can yield the technology to diminish systemic injustices. The proof is in the code that we write.

Principal Theorems

  1. There exist specific technologies that worsen the impact of oppressive behaviors and systems.

  2. There exist specific technologies that can secure liberation and justice for vulnerable peoples.

  3. There exist specific technologies that can encourage the key set of behaviors that can unify fractured communities.

  4. There exist specific technologies that can facilitate the behaviors necessary to minimize the oppression of vulnerable peoples.

  5. There is at least one example of open-source software that can enhance a given public good.

  6. There exist open-source software projects that can facilitate the creation of new public goods.

  7. Every person's motivation and effort to combat the oppressive behavior and systems differ in direction and magnitude.

  8. There exist specific learning experiences key in developing the tools that better ourselves and serve others.

Version History

1.0 - Initial Release

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