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Activist-centered Technology. Crafted to end oppression.

Back up your talking points with data.
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Data Points

  • Features
  • Search and find open data sets
  • Visualize open data with multiple chart types
  • Embed charts on your website
  • Developer friendly. Use the Fact API to analyze data in real time.
Data is power.
You have to put it somewhere.
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Data Infrastructure

  • Features
  • Can serve as the backend to your website and mobile apps
  • Runs on AWS, Digital Ocean and GCP
  • Developer friendly. Infrastructure as Code
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Drive policy changes with data.
Collaborate with friends and family.
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Policy Explorer

  • Features
  • Explore city, county and state Codes of Law
  • Examine the impact of legislation using data
  • Suggest amendments
  • Create model policy
Arm yourself with knowledge.
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